Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm so glad to see the interest Ayumi's video has created. We found it because we plan on subbing Dandy Daddy? and this song was the theme. It's a fun and catchy tune. :)
My reason for posting is that it has come to our attention that the video quality on this MV wasn't the best. This was my fault. We did have a great video to work with (thanks Thomas) and it was our intent to post the subs with that. However, I am the one who encoded the video. We are a new FS group and I thought I should learn more parts of the process. I decided to try my hand at encoding. When I encoded the MV I found that the quality went down. (I don't encode our episodes for this reason) I don't really know why (as I said, I'm teaching myself...perhaps a setting?) but I figured it was just a MV so it wasn't that big of a deal. I've often felt that doing MVs/PVs are a good learning ground. Anyway, another group saw our MV and didn't approve of the quality. I'm happy we were able to introduce to them the song. They enjoyed it so much that they released their own higher quality version. (I'll link to it here, encase anyone is interested in it)
I just wanted to post here to just remind our fans that we are a new group. I believe you do fansubbing for the love. While quality is important (our series releases will be better, I promise) I just ask for your patience. If you see something of ours that has the logo too big, or the quality isn't the best, please bare with us. I love constructive criticism. It pushes us to do better. If you have suggestions, send them my way. I'm always happy to hear how we can improve ( I'm looking into having someone else encode that MV for us, so it can be a higher quality. If you'd like to see the other subbing group's version, here is the link:  It was done by HaroRangers and Saigoyume :) I will try to post our new version when we have it.
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  1. Being one half of the reason the HaroSaigo version of this promotional video (the Saigoyume side) I'd like to extend my hand in gratitude that you didn't take it all too bad and feel free to contact me if you want pointers on encoding or feedback that you can work with.


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