We are currently looking for new members of our team!
Translators (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Timers (subs & karaoke), Editors,
QCers, Typesetters (subs & karaoke), Encoders, and Up-loaders

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Self explanatory. Translating the movie from the source language to the target language (English). It is alright if the translator doesn't know everything. We have multiple translators for this reason, and they are always happy to help.

Putting the translated lines into the correct time in the movie/show. K-Timers do a similar job, only they have to time the lyrics of the song as they are sung.

This person's job is primarily fixing the flow of the translations. Since the translator and spotter are typically non-native English speakers, they need help on their English. The sentences are typically full of typos, grammatical errors, and sentences that just don't read right. Good editors must be meticulous in fixing these errors.

This is the last pair of eyes that helps ensure correctness and quality. The QCer has to correct all errors. If the translator, timer, spotter, and editor all did a great job, doing a QC is as simple as watching the show. If not, doing a QC is almost redoing the entire episode. If a QCer thinks that either a translator / timer / spotter / editor did a lousy job, he/she can put a notice in the forum and ask them to redo/fix the job.

Typeset / KFX
This person's job is to ensure that the subs are pleasing to the eye and easy to read. Typesetters need to have a good sense of art. KFX is a typesetter for karaoke. We use KFX on opening / ending themes and PVs/MVs. KFXing is far more demanding than simply typesetting. They're considered as separate jobs and often they're done by two different people. The nice part (for both jobs) is that once the font / coloring / effects are set, they last for the entire series.

This person's job is to "burn" the subtitle into the movie. Encoder has to ensure high quality results (both video and audio). The subtitle must be defect-free at this point. Or else, the encoder has to redo his/her job.

This person is to put the finished products for distribution. Usually we put them in D-Addicts as torrents and on Megaupload/Mediafire. Uploader is also typically responsible to help seed the release.

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