Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let me tell you a bit about ourselves and why I created this fansub group. I have been an avid Jdrama watcher for about 3 years now (I know, that's not that long) and I knew relatively little about the subbing world when I got into watching the shows. As I started watching more and more dramas I started wondering how I could help give back to those who provided the subs. I looked into it and ended up joining a small group as a WOS (words on screen) person. They were very very nice and super helpful. I learned a lot from working with them. I have expanded and now I am part of several fan subbing groups. This has shown me all sorts of dynamics and ways to get things done. There is a fun thrill to getting to work on new stuff and seeing your name on the credits that so many watch. However, as someone who works, I cannot commit myself to those very often. So, this is my solution. Renai fansubs was created for those of us who want to help the fan subbing world and perhaps don't know how, or have much time. We are committed to quality vs quantity of the fansubs we put out. I want to be known for our good subs and not for how quickly we produce work. Yes, this means that we will probably be passing on the new dramas (unless we get a group of people that has the time/commitment). I know, as a watcher myself, how frustrating it is to wait for the subs to a new drama you love watching so you can participate in the chatter about it. So, we will most likely be subbing the older dramas. If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to shoot us an e-mail. If you're looking for a faster paced group, I suggest looking at my list of other subbing groups. They are the groups I've worked with or those that I think put out great subs. I look forward to helping the subbing world grow, and expanding the available subs for those just joining the world of Asian dramas. <3
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  1. I don't know anything about this kind of stuff, but if I did decide to help out, or whatever, what would I be learning to do, exactly?


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