Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I know some people may be new to the fansub world, so I thought I'd post a quick guide so people could know who does what. :)

* Translate
* Time
* Spot
* Edit
* QC
* Typeset / KFX
* Encode
* Release

Self explanatory. Translating the movie from the source language (ex: Japanese ) to the target language (English). It is alright if the translator doesn't know everything. If he/she is uncertain of the translation of certain phrases, just put an asterisk (*) behind them to notify the spotter.

This person has a similar job to the translator, and are mostly the second set of eyes/ears. They check the translation to ensure accuracy as well as look at the asterisk marked lines to help with translation.

Putting the translated lines into the correct time in the movie. (So, if someone speaks there should be a subtitle on screen.)

Primarily fixing the polish of the target language (English). Since translator and spotter are typically non-native English speakers, they need help on their English. The sentences are typically full of typos, grammatical errors, and sentences that just seem to read wrong. Good editors must be meticulous in fixing these errors.

Is the last line of ensuring correctness. QCer has to correct all errors. If the translator, timer, spotter, and editor all did a great job, doing a QC is a cinch. If not, doing a QC is almost redoing the entire episode.

Typeset / KFX
Is to ensure that the subs are pleasing and easy to read. Typesetters need to have a good sense of art. KFX is a typesetter for karaoke for opening / ending themes. KFXing is far more demanding than mere typesetting. They're considered as separate jobs since they're done by two different people. The nice part is that once the font / coloring / effects are set, they last for the entire series.

Is to "burn" the subtitle into the movie. Encoder has to ensure high quality results (both video and audio). The subtitle must be defect-free at this point. Or else, the encoder has to redo his/her job.

is to put the finished products for distribution. Usually we put them in D-Addicts as torrents. Releaser is also typically responsible to seed the release.
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  1. Hmmmm! I don't know if my English skillz are that great to be an editor! lol Plus, I don't have any movie making programs... :/


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