Friday, January 6, 2012

Notes about our upcoming releases: 

* Office Girls: Episode 1 (full release) is up! (here). Episode 2 will be out on Jan 15th
* Shaken Baby! : We are spotting and editing this now. Keep up on the status here
* Indigo No Yoru : We started this show this month! Yay! Again, watch our status for updates. 
* Meteor Shower: Episode 10 is being translated
* Biyo Shonen Celebrity: This show was the winner of our vote! Thanks to all those who voted. We will begin this one soon!
Posted by Alicia On 6:55 PM 2 comments


  1. So excited for Shaken BABY!

  2. I just found you guys and your subbing team and wanted to say thanks for your efforts to sub this SP! Can't wait! Otsukareee~ ^w^)b



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