Saturday, February 11, 2012

For subs click -> here

Project Lead: Forestmaiden71
Raw Providers: Silverbolt28 of D-Addicts & Lilliana
Translator: winklersh
Timers: Erina & AzNsHyGuH
Spotter: Kuripan
Editor: Forestmaiden71
QCer: snurps & winklersh
Typesetter: Forestmaiden71
Encoder: Forestmaiden71
KFX: Kay
K-Timing: Hava-Rava
K-Translator: winklersh

Softsubs for this SP are available exclusively on our forums, timed to the RAW found here.
HD version includes KFX as well as a much higher resolution. 
Posted by Alicia On 11:37 PM 14 comments


  1. yes :) All version posted on the blog are hardsubs :)

  2. i really wanna watch Shaken Baby!
    but i've downloaded it like three times and it always stops at 99,60%
    do you have any idea how should i download it?i usually using IDM
    Or do you have other download site?
    I really sorry for this...
    thank you

  3. You downloading the torrent or from ifile?

  4. i download it from ifile...

  5. SHAKEN BABY SUBS!!!! YAY!!!!!! Have been looking forward to this (but will wait paitently for the HD version) Thanks so much ^^

  6. im trying to get the files from all the sites but none of them are available anymore... i got two files though, but cant make them into movie. what should i do?

    1. Thanks for letting us know. I'll tell our admin to upload working links ^^

      And if you already have the files that says *name*.001 .002 etc. You need hjsplit to merge them. You can get it free at

    2. I posted a new link to the files :)
      Also, if you send me an email I can give you special access to them so you can download the show without dealing with box's restrictions. :P

  7. This was an awesome movie, thanks for the sub, guys! :D I just missed Yusuke... I thought he got main role in this, but he was hardly shown :/ Well, this movie must have a continuation, right? Tell me if it does, please :D

    1. You're welcome ~~

      But he was the main role... Though I think there were many main roles in the movie. And I hope/think the movie has continuation since the ending was weird...

  8. Hello, Can this be reuploaded? Im having a hard time downloading the video.

    1. I want to download them too :)

    2. Does the Mega link not work for you? It seems to be alright on my end...but all else fails the box links should work...let me know if not!


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