Monday, October 22, 2012

The blog has been pretty much dead lately but that doesn't mean we have stopped fansubbing. Not at all ! So I thought I'd come and post some updates at the moment. Most of our staff members are students / workers so yeah... we have slowed down since the summer ended. But without longer blabbing here comes ♥

Meteor Shower #13 - translating. translator is on hiatus atm. timing is 50% done
Office Girls #7 - editing
Office Girls #8 - waiting for translations. translator is busy with her life so.. yeah
Hero of the Times (Side Project) #1 - editing. translator for this one is on hiatus

Biyo Shonen Celebrity #6 - translating about 50% done
Majutsu wa Sasayaku - typesetting
Indigo no Yoru #1 - typesetting. here's a teaser of the episode ~

Indigo no Yoru #2 - typesetting
Indigo no Yoru #3 - editing
Indigo no Yoru #4 - pre-timing. 1st half done
Indigo no Yoru #5 - waiting for timing
Dandy Daddy #5 - translating
Dandy Daddy #6 - timing

The Marriage Plot #4 - translating finalization. waiting for timing
Why Did You Come To My House? #2 - 3 - editing

And just a reminder ~

We are ALWAYS recruiting new staff members. Currently the most wanted are translators (From Korean, Japanese and Chinese to English). We also need more timers and editors. Typesetters, encoders and uploaders are also more than welcome to join our team.
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  1. Please keep up the good work!! I'll be awaiting your release of Biyo Shounen! ^_^

    1. We will ^^ Thank you for the comment :) We really appreciate them ^^

  2. Eagerly awaiting Indigo no Yoru! Know you won't let me down~!

  3. good luck .. i am waiting for Indigo no Yoru .^_^


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