Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yep. We're holding a POLL to decide what Japanese drama/special to do after we finish Be-Bop High School. So here are the nominees and after you've read the list just vote by commenting this post.

Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Episodes: 12
Synopsis: In this school comedy, a girls' high school suddenly goes co-ed, but the incoming boys are far below their expectations. As a result, some of the girls start a project to reform the boys into "princes." --Tokyograph

Shaken BABY!
  • Format: Tanpatsu (meaning it has one episode)
  • Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Hiroshi is a very very normal second year student of Tomei University.
One day, having being dumped by his girlfriend Akemi, for the reason that "You’re boring because you’re too normal," and after being coerced by his classmate Shun, to change his too normal self, he decides to join Tomei’s infamous "Shakespeare Research Team" or "Shaken" for short.
The members of that group were comprised of truly unique people including, Ryuta, who believes acting with one’s emotion is of upmost importance, Eita, an aspiring actor, Sakurako, a new member and one who loves attention, and Yukiko, the sempai main actress with the Do-S character.
Will Hiroshi be able to escape this hell of normalcy? This silly, perverted, serious youth comedy is "Shaken BABY!" -- Fuji TV

Biyo Shonen Celebrity / Beauty Boys Celebrity
  • Genre: maybe comedy
  • Episodes: 13
Synopsis: This series revolves around a salon called "Celebrity," whose mission is to grant women their once-in-a-lifetime wish of becoming super beautiful. --Tokyograph

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Episodes: 26
Synopsis: This drama is based on a fashion manga by Sonoda Konami about two schoolmate friends, Sakurai Choco and Nekota Mimi, and their daily lives. Choco and Mimi are played by teen fashion model Teramoto Yukika and AKB48's Masuyama Kayano, respectively. -- Tokyograph

Dandy Daddy?
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Episodes: 8
Synopsis: Izaki Ryunosuke is a popular romance novelist who is constantly writing bestsellers. Now a widower with plenty of experience in relationships, he is also an open advocate of "free love." But when it comes to his teenage daughter Akari, he sings a completely different tune! The overprotective Ryunosuke monitors her every move, even if it means shadowing her or stealing her cell phone! Will the two ever learn to understand each other, and will Akari ever be able to date in peace? --Tokyograph

DxD / Dangerous Angel x Death Hunter
  • Genre: Mystery
  • Episodes: 11
Synopsis: Two young men have a special ability: they can sense ghost spirits. With this special ability they try to solve mysteries / crimes.
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  1. Dandy Daddy! You can start from episode 3 onward and Furransu from d-addicts would be definitely willing to help you guys out. He's been after getting Dandy daddy subbed ever since it aired.

    p.s Hava-Rava forced me to vote!

  2. Biyo Shonen Celebrity pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!

  3. Anon: I'm sorry to say but our voting has ended.

  4. I know voting has closed but thought I'd say please sub Biyo Shonen Celebrity one day. Thanks for all the subs.

  5. We'll look into it in the future :)

  6. HI! i know this voting thing is like REALLY old but i have no other good place to look at besiodes here *which is awesome mind you* but like anon sed, PLEASE PLEASE PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE DO BIYO SHONEN CELEBRITY!!!!!!!!! ILW LL GET ON MY KNEES IF NEEDED! PLEASE?

  7. We just released a preview of the show. The 3rd episode should be out soon :) Watch for it!


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