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Probably related to history, HERO OF THE TIMES is a joint Hong Kong and TCS Corp. drama series, consisting of 30 episodes. Like the Taiwanese drama series "Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk" (Siu Nin Ying Hong Fong Sai Yuk) played by Dicky Cheung Wai Kin, this is another series based on Fang Shi Yu (Fong Sai Yuk).

Fang is a carefree young Chinese man who lived during the Qing dynasty. His mother, Miao Cui Hua, was a strong-willed woman who was highly-skilled in kung fu. Fang befriends a friendly Manchu, Na Lan De Kai, whose brother is evil and is only concerned in being Number One in the pugilistic world. Later, Fang and his family--parents and younger brother--moved elsewhere.

Tiger Lei is the cheat of the village. His daughter Xiao Ti (In the Dicky Cheung version, he had a son), was the first to fall in love with Fang but he was upset that she kept on tricking others' money. His mother sends him to school. In the school, he is joined by De Kai who moves to the exact place, and De Kai's cousin, Fu Lu Ge Ge who is captivated by Shi Yu. She pretends to be a man.

Unfortunately, Shi Yu and Ge Ge ended up burning down the school in De Kai's absence. Shi Yu also falls in love with Ge Ge. However, his mother Cui Hua opposes her because she is rough. On the other hand, Shi Yu's dad, Fang De (played by some Hong Kong ATV guy) and De's nanny do not feel she is as bad as Cui Hua thinks.

De Kai saves Xiao Ti from his brother's rival, You Hong Xiu. At that time, she has forgotten Shi Yu. De Kai's brother, De Gang, declines Tiger Lei's proposal for De Kai to marry Xiao Ti because he is prejudiced against the Chinese. But they do get married later on, before Tiger dies.

Shi Yu's brother Shao Yu, advises him on being a two-timer. From then onwards, it was only between Shi Yu and Ge Ge. I do not know much about May Phua other than she is pretty, acts in a lot of movies like DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY (Comedy) as Guo Ming Hui, TONG YI PIAN LAN TIAN as Annie Liu An Ni, and many others but I can't remember. As for Wing Chiu Man Cheuk, all I know is that he acts in most old-fashioned movies like HUA MU LAN--he played a major role there as General Li and Anita's husband, Sun Xing's friend, blah blah blah.

In the end, Fang De is discovered as "White Fortuneteller", member of the anti-Manchu organization, Da Ming Hui. On being misunderstood by the members, he commits suicide. Shi Yu and De Kai fight justice for him and Shi Yu even killed one of the members. The Da Ming Hui members later make him the leader.

Shi Yu organizes riots and even fights with Yong zheng, the emperor. However, the emperor is a just man, so Shi Yu lets him off and promises to return in 10 years' time. I don't really understand the last part which showed Shi Yu leaving unhurt and the building he was in was burnt down.


Hero of the Times ep 1 
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Hero of the Times ep 2
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  1. wow! this one sounds intense.

    btw, any chance you guys will be subbing the dicky cheung version? :) or are there already english subs for that lying around?

  2. I'm not sure. You could ask our admin :D

  3. Thanks for your hard work.

  4. I want to release it very soon.

  5. Thanks like what I see. keep up the good work

  6. Thanks for updating the episode for the TV series in Singapore "Hero of the Times" and thanks for uploading with us.


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