Thursday, December 15, 2011

Indigo no Yoru- We are very excited to announce that we are joining efforts with Querbeet for this drama! We will be providing both soft and hard subs, and we are beginning with the new year. :D
Office Girls - Episode 1 is in the QC/Encode phase, so watch for it soon!

Meteor Shower - Episode 9 is also in the QC/Encode phase! Yay!

Shaken Baby! - About 5 min left to translate! We hope to get this out soon! Be sure to keep an eye on our project status to see how things are progressing

Thanks for your patience with us on these projects! Keep checking back for new episodes and updates!
Posted by Alicia On 9:59 PM 3 comments


  1. Sounds great! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  2. Shaken Baby! Great!!! Thx

  3. Wish you good luck with Indigo no Yoru. :)


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